Sexy Womens Clothing: Garter Belts, Every Girl’s Sexy Secret Weapon

In today’s busy world many girls are so focussed on their careers, family and hobbies that they don’t have time to worry about sexy womens clothing.

But if you can make an extra few moments you’ll be surprised at how hot you can feel all day long by wearing a sexy secret that only you know about, regardless of whether you’re in the office, supermarket or at home!

Let’s look at why a garter belt is a must-have item of lingerie for all girls:

How would you feel if you could be hiding a sexy secret all day that made you feel hot, powerful and drives your man wild at home? It’s quite possible, especially if you already wear tights.

It is actually only relatively recently that the garter belt has become an item of sexy womens clothing. In fact, if we look back, they were actually used for holding up women’s stockings. The belt itself is a stretchy belt with garters attached around it at intervals that in turn hold up tights.

Because they were used primarily for support the older garter belts regularly featured four or more garters.

In those days there weren’t any hold-up or elasticated tights, so one of these belts was a must; but over time they fell out of fashion as elasticated tights or pantyhose have become widespread.

Why wear one?

There just seems to be something about them that drives men wild, so they have now become a desirable as well as practical item of lingerie, and are now made of lace, silk, satin and other luscious materials.

Think about the original playboys from the 50s and onwards? Almost all of the girls were wearing one, they’re timelessly sexy and perhaps trigger something in a man’s mind that says to him that something is going to happen!

A modern garter belt can be made in several sexy colors like black, red or other rich colours like crimson. As part of a matching set of lingerie you can really go to town with bra, panties and garter belt.

You can choose a garter belt made of stretch lace or satin as these will look awesome on most figures as long as you get one that fits. Make sure that you always choose the right size though, as an ill-fitting garter belt will be very unflattering.

Leather or PVC are also options, but to be honest they’re quite specialist and are more likely to shock than turn on!

Remember that this is a type of belt, so as such you should choose one that provides some width as a very thin belt may cause huge visible panty lines. They can also hold you in if you have a curve or two out of place.

The best way to wear a garter belt is arching over your panties, the two are separate. Boxers or French knickers probably aren’t going to work well, so stick with a thong or panties.

There are different types of garter belts, some extending downwards over the top of your thighs like a micro skirt and others extending up over your tummy. The former are great and will give you some support, whereas the latter look really classy and 50s style – think Marilyn Monroe, or more recently Madonna.

Finally don’t forget that you’ll need some thigh-high tights to actually attach to the belt! Choose a similar color to the belt itself for a really great match.

So if you wear tights then you can pull off this sexy secret. You’ll feel sexy all day, and then when you disrobe at night your man will be blown away.

If you aren’t sure where to get sexy womens clothing like a garter belt like this then you can check online, as there are many cheap stores with a lot of choice of lingerie for you to check.